Ismakina is the permanent address of experience, quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Ismakina, a leading manufacturer of heated radiators and chrome and powder coating industry with 35 years of experience and excitement on the first day, continues to grow and strengthen with its customers with high-quality standards, innovation and customer satisfaction-oriented production that brought to the radiator sector.

Making possible the production of impossible to produce radiators, performing the impossible, solution-oriented, production understanding that prioritizing to 100% customer satisfaction by strengthening its position a little more every day, Ispan brand is taking confident, strong and firm steps towards its goal of becoming Europe’s number one radiator and towel rail company.
Ismakina, which adopts perfection in fast and reliable service with its pre-and post-sales solution-oriented, business approach, shapes the trends in the sector with its pioneering and innovative stance and gives direction to expectations.

Turkey's leading manufacturer of heating products Ismakina is proud of its corporate structure as well as being a giant family company with 400 staff. It shapes tomorrow with its 3 factories, 50,000 square meters of production line,1,000,000 units of towel rail and radiator production capacity per year, nearly 200 suppliers with its investments that continues to make non-stop.

Ismakina, produces all radiators comply with EN-442 standards, besides having ISO 9001-2015 quality management system, supported by a certified occupational safety specialist, fulfil legal obligations and serves with its environmentally friendly management staff with ISO 14001 standards. 

Ismakina, which produces 100% export-oriented production, will continue to be the leading name of the sector with its endless energy, as well as being the most admired and preferred towel manufacturer of Europe and the world's elite building markets with Ispan brand.
Because, as it has been for 35 years, today and tomorrow;

Experience is here
Quality is here
Trust is here
Design is here
100% customer satisfaction is here.