Our journey, which started in 1986 on an area of 100 square meters and reached a production area of 50,000 square meters within our 3 factories today, is the work of our quality policy, which we constantly develop. The main goal of our quality policy is to respond to the expectations of our corporate and individual customers around the world with the most superior products and services. To achieve this goal;

We employ our team from the most competent, well-trained and business ethic human resource in the field. We provide continuous training to all our employees on the job and ensure that every employee is aware of the department and institution goals. We encourage them to develop more creative solutions and be more efficient. Our patented innovative products are the result of these efforts.

We supply our raw materials from İsmakina’s quality conscious suppliers, so we start the quality control process at the stage of producing inputs. We encourage and guide our suppliers to develop superior quality and greener solutions in the light of new technologies and scientific developments.

We constantly strengthen our production equipment and digital infrastructure with the latest technologies and create safe and highly efficient production lines for everyone. We work to make the harmony of machinery, information technology and human resources perfect.

We constantly monitor our information flow and production processes which we have continuously developed since the first day of our establishment with the values of being a family company and ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards. By detecting deficiencies on the spot and fixing them instantly, we create new control mechanisms so that they do not recur.

We closely follow architectural, technical and artistic trends that concern our business field. We ensure that all our departments, especially design and R & D, are in the distinction of different expectations, different aesthetic understandings and lifestyles of customers in the geographies we serve.

With our after-sales support services, we constantly measure customer expectations and continuously review all our processes in the light of the data we receive.

For 35 years, we have been working to make excellence permanent in all areas. Today, we are in a pioneering position in every corner of the world with the superior quality of our İspan branded products, all of which are produced in EN-442 and European Union standards.

Since 1986, we know that our exported products have reached millions of places all over the world, especially in Europe, adding comfort, convenience and prestige to people's lives. Aware of the responsibility this gives us, we focus on increasing global prosperity by developing better quality, more useful and more decorative products with less input every day.

We respect the laws of every country our products reach, as well as the cultural and moral values, and we improve ourselves, our processes and our techniques with every feedback we receive from our staff, suppliers and customers. We work hard to create values that will make all humanity, especially our customers, employees and suppliers happy, and make the world a better place.

We invest in the professional, humanitarian and social development of all our staff in order to contribute to a sustainable economy in our country and around the world. We support them with on-the-job training and occupational safety programs, and we encourage them to be better equipped and competent than the previous day. We fully meet the legal rights of all our employees.

We pay utmost attention to select our suppliers from businesses that stand out with their social responsibility policies. We inspect our supply sources in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems we have, and we encourage them to develop more environmentally friendly, less costly and higher quality solutions.

We follow the developments in the towel radiator sector from all over the world and constantly update our social responsibility policy in the light of mind, science and technology.

Since the first day we were founded, we have been turning the resources of the ecosystem in which we exist together into value-added products and returning them to the same ecosystem. We know that the values we produce today will be our only inputs for the future.

As the world's leading towel warmer manufacturer, we design all our processes under the guidance of our country's environmental laws and our ISO 14001 environmental management system. We process all the resources of our business for the maximum welfare of each individual and nature who will be affected by our activities, whether we are a customer or not.

In the process from the raw material to the delivery of the final product to our valued buyers, we determine the environmental factors precisely and minimize the damage to the environment by controlling these factors.

With our patented innovative products, we set an example for every sector for lower environmental cost production. We adopt international standards to prevent waste of our resources, and obtain maximum product with minimum input. We work by knowing that efficiency is the most fundamental component of environmental protection.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we use the most advanced technologies to reduce our raw material and energy inputs, and we constantly move our production processes forward in the light of scientific data. We open our doors to every institution that strives for the development of the sector, especially our universities.

In order to leave a more liveable world for the generations of tomorrow than today, we adopt the principles of contemporary sustainable development in every activity. These principles that we pass on to all our staff are the most important component of our total quality understanding. We train our employees on innovative methods to increase productivity and encourage them to develop better ideas. We take care to work with the most sensitive suppliers in resource utilization and environmental management.

We set an example for other actors in the sector with our knowledge and superior product quality, and we contribute to the efficiency of all the enterprises that exist in the towel radiator ecosystem. Because a sustainable economy is only possible with a sustainable ecosystem.